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Here's the rundown....

Game Status:
Janet's Mage Game: Cancelled
Emily's Swashbuckling Game: Waiting for an available night
James' Relics & Rituals: Olympus Game: Cancelled
James' Midnight Game: Cancelled
James' Forgotten Realms Game: On Temporary Hiatus
James' Old West d20 Game: Available if there is interest
James' In Nomine Game: Available if there is interest
James' Arcana Evolved Game: Available if there is interest

Availabile Evenings:
As it appears to me, we have three nights open for gaming. Thursday evening, Friday evening, and every-other Sunday evening. Now, as far as Emily and I are concerned running and/or playing on Thursday or Friday is fine - we just don't want to game on both nights. Every-other Sunday night is also available. It also seems to me that for the most part, on these three evenings people are available after 5pm or so.

Most of us live in the Salisbury area. Those who do not or those who need a ride to and from their salisbury residence need to make transportation arrangements on their own or with another SGS member.

James' Games:
I want to run alot of games. We all know that. What I'm going to do is give you a brief synopsis of each game idea I have a present interest in running. Along with this I will list the mechanic used for that game.

Old West: (GM Interest Level: Moderate, Mechanic: d20) A historical game set in the 1870s, focusing on the relationships and difficulties of an 1870s boom town that has very recently hit a mother lode of silver.

Arcana Unearthed: (GM Interest: Very High, Mechanic: d20/D&D) A unique D&D world with rich background and original classes and races. Themes include taking the initiative to make one's own destiny, personal motivation instead of broad generalizations of alignment, and a world where typical d&d actions have real world consequences.

In Nomine: (GM Interest: High, Mechanic: d666) In the modern world the players take on the roles of angels enacting the will of their Archangel overlords. Life and Death, Good and Evil, Rock and Roll. In Nomine puts a post-modern twist on Christian themes, where celestial beings often find themselves in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situations, sometimes literally.


what all games are running right now.. i'm confused.

These are the games that I know about:
Janet's Mage Game - Sunday
James' spiffy new book game - ??
Emily's Swashbuckling game - again, ??
James' roman civ. era game - canceled
James' d&d game where we killed the black dragon but 2 of the players have since fallen off the face of the earth - dead


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How do you deal with it when you have an absolutely fantastic RPG with a great setting, history, plot, characters, and a plethora of other things that are just so fantastic, yet you find yourself in one of the following predicaments:

One: This magnificent setting has a pain in the ass mechanic that is closely tied to the setting and therefore can't really be switched out for something cleaner. So, you have to wade through a pain in the ass mechanic to experience a great setting.

Two: This magnificent setting is only so great because you've actually read 10 or 20 pages of the background and you have players who are to flippant, bored, or just plain don't care enough to read a few pages and get to know the environment they're going to run around in.

Three: No one is interested in setting or its just not their style, despite your passionate appreciation for it.

These feel like the three great problems that cannot be solved and they're driving me insane.